The persistence of change

Not in one fell swoop. But micro drop after micro drop over time.

Keep showing up. Keep speaking up. Keep up the message delivery. Find the others. Amplify. 

Don’t make the position of those you seek to change wrong. Don’t shame, or blame. Instead speak of the good, the true and the beautiful that is the change you are moving towards.

It is hard work. It requires patience. Commitment. Often years, decades, sometimes centuries.

We have come far, and we have far to go until all people, of any gender, skin colour, religious background, age, size, or whatever other arbitrary categories might be imposed, can be seen as people deserving of the same justice, the same opportunity, the same respect and dignity as any other.

And the animals and Earth too.

Drop by drop, day by day. 

July 8th 2019

Photo taken June 15th, 2019