The polarity pendulum is reaching its extreme

I have been ruminating on the state of corruption in the world.

Corruption – of material matter especially dead bodies, and of souls and morals. Spiritual contamination. Soiling, seducing, bribe.

When we understand how nature works, that polarity is required for existence, and when the polarity becomes either too negative or too positive we have an explosion of collapse, we can prognosticate an impending future without knowing either the inciting incident or the timing.

Corruption is rife in almost every democracy on the planet. It is certainly the ground of being in authoritarian states.

The amplification of corruption and the arrogant belief by politicians, executive officers and bureaucrats that lying is normal operations, obfuscation is the master craft of their trade, and the supreme right to get away with blatant corruption without incurring any responsibility or punishment is reaching its zenith. The polarity pendulum has swung too far.

People are beginning to see rules for those holding the power deck are different than for those exploited to carry the burden of keeping the lights on. 

When a government relentlessly and cruelly comes after the most vulnerable, whether it be those rendered unemployed within a nation, or those forced to relocate nations because of climate or war, yet they get away with everything, including pocketing huge amounts of taxpayer-funded salaries, the polarity pendulum is reaching its extreme.

Explosion and collapse are imminent. When we do not know. But soon.

I love that the word corruption has in its etymological roots both corruption of material matter and souls and morals. There is something deeply satisfying in knowing that people who couldn’t give a f$#%k about other humans, especially the most vulnerable – more often in the most vulnerable positions because of repeated actions by the corrupt –  are indeed soulless and morally bankrupt. There is something about that state that evokes my pity. 

I see them as the walking dead. A terrible way to not-live.

Perhaps that is why our pop culture is so obsessed with zombies. They are the ones currently running the show in real-time.

Photo Taken July 10th 2023