The portal for entry to aging

My family and celebrated my father’s 90th birthday yesterday. My father lives with his wife independently and is still working on projects.

A Mining Engineer by background, with a life love of gemstones and rocks, Bruce has taken to writing poetry. We had a collection of his poems published as a surprise gift for his Birthday. (Now available on Amazon here.)

How wonderful to have your first book published at age 90. It says much about never being too old to get started. Knowing that his children arranged this for him still makes him emotional.

These last few months have been an unavoidable confrontation with death, aging, dying. I have much to do to fully reconcile the inevitable of my age and life. Hopefully, I will have time to do this. 

At the same time, we can choose the portal for entry to aging. Do we yield to sedentary, or do we stay fit, strong, and active of mind and body?

My fear is not aging itself, but not being fit, strong and able.

I think about the drive in my twenties to be super fit. Marathons and triathlons competed all around the world. 

This time in my life calls for a similar commitment with a different discipline and focus. I do not plan to go gentle into that good night. Mindful as I write, that there is my planning and planning beyond my ability to control. 

Photo Taken August 27th  2023

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