The Possible People

Are those people who make things happen even when the rules.. their job description, or their hourly rate, give them an out not to make it happen.

They get that there are situations and circumstances where rules need to be bent. 

They do not live in the black-and-white world where the lines are the same, and apply to everyone, in exactly the same way, no matter what.

They are not those who thrive on the power trip of being able to be the bossy boss in their little corner of the Universe.

Possible people take the time to listen to your whole story. They get the contextual nuances that might give them the clear sign that today, with you, there is only a YES, and that now all that is needed is to figure out how.

They genuinely want to help. They see possibility not constraints. They go the extra mile, and then another if needed.

Possible people are treasures. When you find one, be sure to let them know how their acts of care for you have made a difference. Go out of your way to thank them. 

Even better, if you are not one already, become a possible person.

September 10th 2019

Photo Taken September 9th, 2019