The Power of People

Coming together. 

Will always eventually turn the tide of change.

How easy is it to dismiss our singular relevance?

To think we can’t make a difference.

Every person who has shown up in the public parks and squares, marching the streets, peacefully demonstrating that they want a world that treats our home planet with love…a world that might use its infinite capacity to be genius enough to create abundant, almost free, and without entropy… energy…has mattered. 

The real change is at the fundamental systems level. Economics, monetary policy, governance, politics, education, health.

The present-day dinosaurs are those figures in political power who are manipulated by the puppet masters who only care for their own profit and their investment in a system that can only fail…

Our children, our youth, those who have done the least harm but will pay the greatest price….have voted with their feet, their voices, their banners…joined by many others who will not be silenced.

Proud am I to be a citizen of our home planet today. And hopeful.

September 21st 2019

Photo taken September 21st, 2019