The precessional effects of fun activities

Precession is a Universal effect that happens at 90 degrees to the trajectory of motion. Drop a stone into a pond, and we get ripples at 90 degrees.

For precession to be in play we need motion. 

As a distance runner the precessional effect from running has been multifaceted and considerable.

I know pacing, a rare skill.

I know endurance. 

I know the power of a single step repeated over time.

I know the discipline of not too much, not too little.

As novice surfer, I am learning so much. 

For example, I have to be in motion on my board before I catch a wave. If I am not in motion the outcome is dumping. Not fun.

I like this precessional effect and its metaphor. 

Life demands us to be in motion unless we want to get dumped. Moving is essential to existence.

We have to be in the game to play. 

Photo taken December 22nd 2022