The further we are away from the source the more disconnected we are. And the more disconnected we are the higher the price…in all domains.

Take food…most of us now buy it from a supermarket. It comes in packages. It is mass produced. We have no relationship with the farmer or producer. Many people eat their meals disconnected from any form of preparation. Almost no one has a relationship with the food producer.

Money…in the beginning it was a way to store value between dissimilar trades. Now Visa produces an ad that shames people for handling cash. It’s all electronic. And people who trade don’t even see the cash. We are so removed from the source of productivity. 97% of the digits circulating the globe as ‘the economy’ has zero relationship with any form of productivity. It is money making money from money. (Which is not sustainable, by the way.)

Energy falls into the same category of disconnect. Flick a switch. On goes the light.

What is the price of this increasing disconnection from source?

Too high…we lose relationships that matter. The primary producer is devalued in this process…so much so that their namelessness severs their own income. But we wouldn’t know…and quite possibly wouldn’t care.

People are involved in making your lifestyle as it is. People are toiling away in factories around the world to sew your clothes, make your iphones, till the soil that produces your food. But we forget them. They mean nothing to us. As long as we have what we need and want.

In an over connected world we suffer desperately from lack of real connectivity to the good people who gives us the pleasures and comforts of our lifestyles.

And in losing the connection we erode true value….the heart and soul…of humanity.

Ask yourself this question. How does it feel to go to work each day and be ignored by the people you are serving? To not be seen? To not be paid what your are worth? To be discounted?

Great businesses….the ones that people cannot get enough of…never forget their supply chain. Every relationship matters…right back to the Source. And from the product sale right through to end of product life.

This is the future of business as unusual.

When we connect with and honour Source that act carries with it the energy to restore well being to all.

The rise of home made, farmers markets, app’s to determine the total supply chain…all signs to say we want to know…and honour…Source to production to distribution to enjoyment to breakdown to reuse.

Next time you sit down to eat…spare a thought for all the people who worked to get your food to you…

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Ian Sane via Compfight

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