The problem with problems

When we focus on problems and solutions we invite a patterned response that has become so enculturated that it is largely reflexive.

Here is the problem. What is the solution? The new solution quite possibly creates a whole new set of problems.

Our thinking to solve problems is ill-considered and often arrives from within the same context and domain of the problem we seek to solve. We cannot see what we cannot see in the context in which we spend most of our time. We need to step into the trans-contextual space to begin to observe problems through a different lens.

Perhaps instead we might consider flows and stasis. 

Where is the system flowing? Where is it stuck? Is there a possibility of enabling a restoration of flow? 

Are we caught in the eddies and currents of the rapids as the river runs down the hill? Is our story stuck there, trying to move rocks? Or caught in the rapids, attempting to stay from drowning?

The river knows where it is going and will not be stopped by the boulders and rocks, instead, it seeks a way around, continuing the flow.

Flow is life. Stasis is death. 

October 30th 2019

Photo taken October 30th 2019, by Tony