The profit of abuse

Fear, hate and violence sell.

Sadly, these things sell more than love, beauty and delight.

I wonder what about humans has us quest for drama. The battle to be fort and won. The glee of winning. Of being right. 

That lick of satisfaction. I was right! (Oh I do know it well.)

I wonder what it will take to cast aside this longing, and instead seek awe. To bathe in beauty. To hold our hearts open with love. 

To not strike out like a lizard when something goes wrong. The rush to make an assumption, wiping all goodwill and context out before it has had a chance to present itself to us.

What is missing in our lives that we crave drama?

Give me instead the rush of risk and adventure. The edge of the unknown. The humility of not knowing, of being the beginner. 

This profit of abuse must end. To champion people who are cruel against those with less, those of difference, is to celebrate division.

To keep conquered, we are kept divided. It is a game.

Do not say yes to its play.

Photo Taken July 9th 2023

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