The question I am contemplating

These are the things I am contemplating this morning from the safety of my home, free from bombs, war and ethnic cleansing.

Can we simply be a stand for peace? Is standing for peace and not standing against genocide enough?

When we stand against genocide, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing does that mean we stand against the whole Nation and the larger diaspora perpetrating these acts? Or does it mean we stand against those in leadership positions supported by bigots, colonists and racists from all over the world? 

Is it cruelty, supremacy and violence in any form we stand against? Is this what standing for peace is?

Can we do this without naming the perpetrators? Without pointing to hypocrisy? 

How can we do this, especially when the perpetrators have actively sponsored a global campaign of victimisation over decades, even centuries? The moment someone calls out the perpetrators they accuse the person calling out the actions anti-them, making this anti-them a shocking crime, for which we should be shamed. A gross generalisation if ever there was one. Impossible to name a crime for fear of being seen as a very particular type of racist. 

The crime of the few is conflated with the ethnicity of the many.

And in so doing, giving the perpetrators free rein, once again, to do whatever they like, including dishing out the same horror that was perpetrated on them?

Is being a stand for peace enough when death and horror continue?

I wonder if, during WW11, Chechnya, Cambodia, Ruanda… the world took a stand only for peace, and not for naming, and bringing to justice the perpetrators who thought it their moral duty to attempt to exterminate a whole race? The reason why this became their moral duty lost in story upon mythology, which often includes violence and discrimination acted against them.

As a colonist Australian, confronting the truth of my birth and history is shocking and hard. There is pain, guilt, confusion. My history is not as I was taught in school. So very far from it.

When we truly confront, we cannot unsee. Many in my nation’s power centre wish to keep the truth buried. 

Perhaps when the colonies really confront the truth, they will take a stand for never again. And this will be a problem for the super organism who loves colonisation. 

As the world has silently stood by enduring the ongoing colonisation and usurping of people from their land.

I think about Hiroshima. The absolute horror of almost instant extermination, followed by the slow and horrid death of exponentially more.

How this city is a stand for peace, in the purest sense of the word. 

Yet, we, the people of this world, let Hiroshima, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Ruanda happen. (And so many other places…the list is a heartbreak in and of itself.)

Is being a stand for peace enough? 

This is the question I am contemplating. 

Photo Taken December 27th 2023