After years of practice of paying attention it is easy now to feel when I am not in clear alignment of mind, body, spirit and my ecosystem surrounding me.

The dissonance may be so very subtle, or as big as a brass band playing on repeat in my head.

Something…just some little thing…is off.

Today it sits with me. This vague, low grade ‘off’ feeling.

It may be that I am avoiding something.

It may be that I am in self sabotage, repeating old and tired patterns that stopped serving me a very long time ago.

It may be that I am picking up signals in my immediate enviro’s….a relationship that needs attending to. Or the emotional, psychological or spiritual pollution of those in my immediate space.

I may be tuning into the greater frequency of the world at large…to the fear, hate, violence, dissatisfaction…or the greed, exploitation, manipulation…
It may be that I have polluted my own body/being with thoughts that stab at healthy cells with their own violence.

Or I might be telling myself stories about something….making assumptions about why xyz has not responded to my call/email/reaching out….filling my being with fakeries, distortions, and illusions.

What ever it is, awareness is key. Noticing allows choice and action.

Do I need to breath out the toxic? Make a call? Get some more information? Speak up? Stop doing something? Start doing something? Set a boundary? Face it?

Our bodies, minds, being…is in constant conversation with us…our personal truth is always available for us…

The question is…have we the willingness to listen, and the courage to act?