The rare art of listening

This morning I am contemplating the rare art of listening.

Why do I say it is a rare art?

To listen. To desire to hear the whole, not the part, not the good bits, not the story you want to hear, but the story that is being told. This is rare.

So rare that when someone listens to us, to our whole, we weep in gratitude.

Today I am listening to my whole. I am listening to how I show up, what shows up in my field, to the patterns I step over every day because they are regularly there.

I am listening to the sky, the ocean, and my physical being. I am listening to my place in the whole. To the field effect I create simply by showing up.

I am listening with the question in mind. How do I bring my Pattern Integrity, my wholeness, more fully to the world to serve others?

When listening to others it is the question I most ask – what is their Pattern Integrity, and how can I support that becoming more fully expressed in their world?

What is whispering to you today that might be worth listening to?

March 13th 2018

Photo Taken November 9th 2016 


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