At some stage in life you reach a place where you only choose to do business with good people.

What a delight it is to meet with people who are aligned, respectful, considerate, where there is shared mutual value and trust.

Why would we ever choose to do business with anyone who is not all of these things.

For money? Hmmm…there is a term for that….prostitution. That may sound harsh, but consider it. You are selling the quality of your life (your relationships) for money. Sounds like some form of prostitution to me.

Sometime after the age of 40, when we start to sense into our own mortality, we realise that life is way to short to spend any time with disrespectful and distrusting relationships.

Of course, this also means we need to be respectful, trusting, considerate…and all the things we most want in our business relationships. It always starts with us. No exception.

Want someone to be on time, be on time. Want someone to be respectful, be respectful. Want someone to value people, value people.

Take your potential business partner to a restaurant and watch how they treat the wait staff. If they show little respect, or treat the wait staff as cogs in the wheel, maybe they are not the right partner for you.

…if you swim with sharks you better be a bloody shark….

I prefer to swim with dolphins.

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