The Sacred Act of Parenting

On this day 28 years ago, I was slam-dunked into the world of love for another human being that was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

Natalie arrived, not on my schedule, but completely and thoroughly on her own schedule. Not kicking or screaming, but arriving completely present, as if to say to the world. I am here. And I see you.

She was the first baby I had ever held. I knew intuitively that my primary role was to not mess up the intrinsic beauty of her character, which was evident to everyone who met her. To give her room and safety and love to become more fully her.

My life has been enriched beyond any form of human measure for her being.

She continues to teach me to be a better human, she reminds me to be more loving, more thoughtful, more generous.

If I do little else in the world of human affairs I can at least say I got to be Natalie’s mum. And this role that I did not ask for humbles me every day.

Parenting of any kind, be that a human, an animal, a home, a community, or a business, is one of the most sacred acts.

How do we create the space to steward a soul into the fullest expression of its being? 

February 16th 2019

Photo Taken February 16th 2019