The Sacred Pause

Once upon a time I was addicted to adrenalin. I loved the rush of been so busy I was constantly on the run. My brain had to work in super mode every single minute to stay ahead. I felt important. Successful. Significant. Such a drug, so powerful. 

Until I realised busy for busy sake was not something to be proud of. Busy because of our inability to say no or delegate or because we have a fear of lack if we stop is to be trapped on the treadmill that our current world loves us to be trapped on…the cycle of work work work, consume too much as an antidote, snatch a few hours sleep and go again.

A fools game.

Busy squeezes out optionality. It prevents access to one of the the most important dimensions to existence.

The space between. The liminal. Not this, not that. No-thing-ness. The source of all creativity.

Genius lives in the liminal. Opportunity lives in the liminal. Our ability to feel, sense, recalibrate, unravel…all live in the space between. 

This space is the sacred pause, providing access to everything that truly matters. 

Designing it into life as a non-negotiable element opens possibility to all that we deeply desire.

Photo taken May 3rd 2022

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