The secret sauce that often happens with age

I have my 90-year-old father staying with me. His mind is sharp. His body is failing him. 

I notice my swimming and running slowing, against my most strenuous desire for it not to. Sometimes I look in the mirror and do not recognise the person looking back at me. The shock is real.

One friend has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer  – a former world champion athlete. Another has lost all of her hair in the space of a few months.

My partner had open heart surgery for a mitral valve issue, diagnosed during a routine medical check.

As we walked an average of 15 kilometres a day as tourists of Japan, we realised that this option of adventuring was not going to be available indefinitely into the future. Slowing down is the way of things for all life.

And a planned surf trip, where we surf 5 hours a day, is something to embrace sooner, than later.

In my youth, I did not invest in assets of ‘success’, specifically property. However, I have always had health at the top of my investment portfolio. The dividend payments are for a vital and able older age. No guarantee. Yet a very worthy investment. 

As my running and swimming fitness slow, I am reluctantly, yet purposefully, adapting and changing my routine. More short, hard sprints. Heavy weights. And plyometrics. 

It is a constant conversation with my body. Not a one-size-fits-all all. 

On the mental health side, a reconciliation between physical appearance and the secret sauce that often happens with age. The sheer delight of not giving a Fu*! about what anyone thinks. 

Photo Taken December 3rd 2023