The side effects of avoiding conflict

Emotion is energy in motion. Anger and frustration are like charged particles, perturbating.

They have to go somewhere.

In our desperation to keep peace, not rock the boat, stay safe from the force of anger that might become enraged or violent, we shallow our own anger. 

And it then ricochets inside our being and we become the damaged goods. Literally… long-term swallowed anger will create legitimate health issues.

We start a war within. 

Do this multiple times and our interiors are the battleground. We do not trust ourselves. Our interior conversation is the clash of the titans. The world out there is seen through the blurred vision of our own conflict.

A charged situation is best addressed when it first arises in our awareness. The micro charge. If not, it will escalate. 

We have choices. Voice it towards neutralisation for all. (See the Speak the Truth ebook for a process to do this with mutual dignity.) Let it go from our being completely. Do nothing with the potential for escalation. Or swallow it and have our interior become the battleground.

July 1st 2019

Photo taken July 3rd, 2014