The speed of emergence


Is a constant. The speed of emergence is the question.

People, like atoms, spin at a certain speed. Sometimes we speed up, sometimes we slow down.

Speed is not necessarily correlated with how busy you are. Busy can be a distraction. Or an obfuscation.

The speed of our emergence has to do with our interior evolution. How our biological neurological psychological systems evolve.

We can choose to place ourselves on the path of emergence. Or the path of emergence crosses our path as happens to almost everyone more than once.

When people in relationship are emerging at different speeds over an extended period of time, the relationship will become unsustainable. Either one must choose to slow down or speed up. Otherwise, the relationship will either blow apart –the speed too great for the other to maintain, or will collapse..the speed too slow.

The same is true for companies, nation-states, communities.

In our current global ecosystem, we have a strong slowing force, seeking regression, with the counteracting and arising force of embrace and activism.

Dynamic systems suggest there will be an explosion. The people embracing emergence at a higher speed will cause a “blow apart.”

The laws of dissipative structures suggest that when this happens when the threshold is crossed after a period of extreme perturbation, in which energy and heat as emotion are released, the system will be reordered in a way that no one can predict. And the transformation will be irreversible.

The sunrise this morning in the Southern Hemisphere summer was thick with the haze of smoke from fires burning across Queensland. Something that does not happen at this time, or in this state.

Earth concurs. Transformation is not only evident, it is vital.

December 3rd 2018

Photo taken December 8th 2017