The still small voice of constancy

Behind the noise of a thousand characters is the still small voice of constancy.

The witness who observes every conversation, every thought, every act. Unwavering. All-knowing. Eternal.

The more we connect with this still small mighty voice the more we see that all our thoughts and emotions are more akin to dust motes in the wind. Not ours. Impermanent.

We can choose to have them flow through us like a river. Or lodge in our being, like an infection, to accumulate and convince us of their truth. To wreck havoc at their will.

If you find yourself stuck in a loop, ask who is the I who can see the loop. And if you can see the loop, can you choose as well to shut the gate that leads to the loop?

Who am I that is not my thoughts? Not my emotions? Not my body? Not time? Impermanent.

November 5th 2018

Photo taken November 9th 2016