The substrate that underpins our existence

We have a world built around a single focus of value determination.


Yet very few people understand money, its Source Idea, and how it has been conscripted to become something far removed from its Source Idea.

This thing that rules our lives is a mythological beast to many of us. It has immense emotional and spiritual sway over our decisions.

We have assigned money its agency as a commodity, even though it is a holographic representation of value.

We allow this beast to bend us into fools, liars and cheats.

Dominating power has us do horrid things to be sure we have money to feed our children.

For this abstract idea, we tear apart the Earth and extinct creatures.

Consider for a moment that we are so ignorant of something that holds so much power over us.

This must change. We must learn and know the substrate that underpins our existence. This includes those who flock to create new versions of money without understanding the version they seek to change.

Only then will we be free to determine our relationship with money. Only then will we know the game we are being played in and have greater choice of our next moves.

Photo Taken August 5th 2023

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