The supreme challenge of steward leadership

Can someone like Vladimir Putin be reined in by love and diplomacy? 

I think not. This man knows only the sword, power, accumulation and domination.

To treat him as if he will capitulate to soft threats is to be a fool. 

Our world is in a worldview battle between those who think love and kindness will contain the rise of hate, bigotry, power over and descent into autocracy and those who are seizing the reins as we try soft diplomacy. 

I am an advocate for peace. I know that love, Syntropy and kindness are the greater force. 

But we are dealing with an immature world. We haven’t even made it out of our teenage years developmentally as a collective. 

Rogue teenagers need very strong, clear boundaries with serious consequences.

It is the only thing that will contain them. We can do it for love. But when we do it, the teenager doesn’t feel the love. That may come years later, if at all. 

Love is the force and the intent, and the action taken is spoken in the language the teenager understands. 

People cannot be until they are. We must meet them where they are. And build our own structures to prevent personal contagion of arrogance and power corruption.

This is the supreme challenge of steward leadership. 

Photo Taken July 24th 2023