The sweetest freedoms of all

New Zealand is a land of extraordinary experiences. The people are active participants in promoting the local produce. 

It is common for menus to only have New Zealand-made beverages. It helps that there are many craft breweries, distillers and wineries that produce incredible products. And amazing food produce, from world-renowned dairy to beef and lamb. 

In contrast to a country like the United States, where patriotism pretends to be a notional pastime, New Zealand supports New Zealand businesses. The pride is expressed in purchasing action.

Even the fashion scene deviates from the main street same same. 

Food is loved. Extraordinary quality. Made with care. 

In a city like Wellington, with a population of around 450,000, you can lurch from restaurant to restaurant and enjoy quality food. 

Multi-culturalism is far more accepted here and reflected in the vibrant food scene.

Most people know of New Zealand’s beauty. Lord of the Rings fans got front-row seats to the majestic mountains and plains.

The people are open, trusting and friendly, always ready to help and chat.

As an Aussie, there is so much to be said for celebrating our home with the safety of walking around unafraid of guns, acting with reverence towards the land that nurtures us, eating amazing food, and being bathed in beauty.  

The irony, evident in so many areas, is that the minnows, those without the hegemony and might, enjoy the sweetest freedoms of all. 

Photo Taken February 16th 2024