The Synergy of Syntropy Ocean Wisdom and Storytelling

In Syntropic World News

*The second of three Syntropic Masterclasses for 2023 commences next week. I would love to see you there. This Masterclass gives you all the tools to build a Syntropic Enterprise – a coherent business aligned to natural design. 

*The team creating the Synergistic Accounting App is moving more rapidly. The purpose of the Synergistic Accounting Tool is to honour the whole value of everything, all of the time. Including your personal value.

*I am preparing to curate over 2000 daily blogs from Beauty of Beginnings and multiple more sunrise photos for the Beauty of Beginnings Day book that we hope to publish by year’s end. 

*We have a core team of Syntropic Leaders and coaches preparing to bring the Dare to Care Workshop into the world.

*We are working on a one-day online immersion program – details to be announced soon.

*We have a dynamic group of steward leaders creating their Syntropic Enterprises in the Year of Syntropy immersion program.

*We are actively pursuing avenues to bring the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass into the youth arena. And to provide scholarships to communities and countries that would find the ticket price impossible. If you can facilitate any introductions into these areas, please let me know by reply email. 

Personally. I had an amazing 6 days of camping in a National Park last week with Tony, my partner. We are facing some intense times over the next few weeks, with Tony requiring major surgery to repair a mitral valve in his heart. The surgery dates are not confirmed, but when they are, I will be going off everything for the period of time – at least a week – to ensure I am 100% available to support Tony. 

This week I share another collection of blogs from Beauty of Beginnings. If you love these articles and want to get daily inspiration in your inbox, around 250 words per day, sign up here.

How to design projects, teams, communities and enterprises

If it is to work, be that a physical thing or a service, there is a structural integrity required.

When the structural integrity is present, beauty is also.

Unity is plural, at minimum six, said Buckminster Fuller. 

But what does this mean?

Six elements are required to stabilise any system. Not five or seven. And each element must have its complementary pair embedded so polarity is present. When we are moving towards Syntropy, we cannot forget its pair, Entropy. This is the Principle behind Twelve Degrees of Freedom.

Unity – Universe – Love as metaphysical gravity – is the field of everything. Love unfolding autopoieticly, ever emergent, ever Syntropic. This is like the fabric of the tapestry upon which life is woven.

The elements provide the points around which the system, our life, the project, holds its shape on the tapestry, only it does so in four dimensions.

And though this, the strange attractor, the organising principle of chaos, directs us. This is our purpose, declared or not.

If any of these elements are missing from your design, the integrity to hold its shape will also be missing.  

Sometimes we design spontaneously and everything is there in the design from the beginning. Mostly we design and we seek to impose our wants onto the idea, and thus we create the separation from Nature.

The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass teaches how to design projects, teams, communities and enterprises that are coherent and aligned with Nature. Join us next week.

I learn from my mentor, the ocean

Standing this morning meters away from one of the world’s most famous surf breaks, Snapper Rocks, I could feel the power of the ocean. Boom. Against the rocks. Over and over. It was breathtaking. 

The ocean is my mentor. Some days she is lake-like in her calm. Waves? What waves? She is so tame she invites a false sense of security. To dismiss her power is to be foolish.

On other days she is playful. Sweet and gentle. Nice little waves that are fun to ride. 

Often she is confusing. Hard to read. Rough edges and bumpy. Tricky beast. 

And on days like today, she is fierce, her power turning anything in her way into splinters of its former self. 

I want to be like the ocean, offering the spectrum of power she does. Even in her calm, her power is latent, never far away. 

The power of the ocean is not to dominate. Rather she refuses to subjugate herself to those who assume power over her. There is a difference. 

She will work in harmony with nature. She wraps her curves around headlands. 

Yet when humans decide they can dominate, she refuses to be held captive.

Any human who tries learns that their power is scant in comparison.

There are times we need to summon our power as a refusal to be dominated by malicious human forces. 

I learn from my mentor, the ocean, unafraid to rise up, speak up and act when the times are called to gather my power as a tempest.

Trapping our abundant gifts in a demurrage cage

Demurrage is the cost associated with holding or hoarding. It is a form of negative interest.

Withholding generosity, love, care, our unique gifts, skills, and kindness is a form of demurrage. In our withholding, we decay, as those around us do not experience the gifts we have.

This is a tragedy in every way. Our choice to play small, withhold, and meter out our love and skills from a  place of scarcity and greed, robs the world of our aliveness.

A generously lived life is an affirmation of abundance. 

Trapping our abundant gifts in a demurrage cage costs us in every domain of our existence.

The greatest myths and stories of our time are eternal

Stories have currency. They flow through us, leaving traces in our mind/body/being. 

These traces can be uplifting, or damaging.

The story itself is agnostic. Words wrapped in poetry, hosting metaphor.

A story about our unworthiness must be washed from our mind/body/being. Its hooks are often hard to remove. Often these hooks hide in cavities of our being, only becoming evident when our identity feels threatened. 

A story about possibility, agency, hope, love and transcendence is the antidote, even if, in the first instance, we cannot believe it to be true for us. 

Let the story of beauty and love wash through you. Bathe in its metaphor. Let it heal. Allow it to find its way into those cavities hosting shadows. 

The greatest myths and stories of our time are eternal, not for being true, but for the healing powers found in their mythology.

Each of us can be resurrected from shadows and the dark, no matter the grip of darkness. 

Light and time, with a story we can believe in, work miracles.