The tension between

We know great love because we know all that is not love. Pain, isolation, rejection.

We know great beauty because we know all that is not beauty. Trees felled in their thousands, giant pits to extract something deemed more precious than the beauty that was there.

We know great dignity towards others because we have stood in the place of being reduced to no-thing-ness.

We know inequity because we have suffered long simply to survive with a basic roof and half-decent food, if that, for decades.

When we forget the experience of the dark, when ever always light becomes normal, and our entitlement for continued ease in all things is now confused with our right, we have lost perspective, and in this loss, the divide between social justice gets lost.

The tension between love and rage is a place of aliveness.

The very first dawn light to end the dark is filled with infinite potential.

In our desire for all always normal and safe, we lose colour, range, diversity, and humanity.

In the darkest hour, the grounds are being nurtured for the light. Just as in the lightest hour, the grounds are being nurtured for the dark.

To want to possess one or the other is to eradicate both and in doing lose what makes aliveness so exquisite.

Photo Taken May  2023