The threshold of viability

In my twenties, I was part of the New Age movement. As Caroline Myss said, at some point, this became the old age movement. 

At this stage of my life, I am in a deep inquiry into the field that takes educated, intelligent people and has them believe what I consider very unhinged ideas, recognising as I investigate, that I, too, was caught in the web of unhinged ideas for a long time.

One form of this indoctrination from my younger years was the belief that we create our own reality. While there is a partial truth to this, I watched in horror as people with a terminal disease like cancer were made to feel wrong and guilty because of some as yet unidentified reason as to why they had created cancer. 

Rather than bring compassion and simply be with what was, the angst of the question – what have I done to create this – or worse, those sitting bedside inflicting the judgement of – you have created this – seemed to be tangled in some righteous superiority with a cruel undertone. Talk about a dominator hierarchy dressed in new-age spirituality.

Recently I have watched as the ongoing COVID nonsense fuels strange acts. Everything from – I cannot be with anyone who is vaccinated because the vaccinated are giving off something dangerous, to the – this person died because of contamination from the vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, we now know that every drop of water on the planet has some form of poly fluoroalkyl substance in it – material that our human biology is incapable of breaking down, and that has the ability to do significant damage to our biology, including causing cancers, organ breakdown.

I wonder, sincerely, how we get so trapped in the noisy, angry, righteous little things, while our world has already crossed the threshold of viability.

Photo Taken October 29th  2023, on the road into Byron Bay seeking a wave.