The tide has turned

Which it always does.

Not on our clock, but through our actions towards the good, the true and the beautiful.

It is when we forget, when we get caught in our own little world of accumulation, entitlement and righteousness, that we agree, in our slumber and hubris, to say yes to the small transgressions towards evil.

Do we ever learn?

Once again we rise against what we said yes to, ever so slowly, as those who thirst for power chip away over years and decades, to suddenly seem to be there, in their full-blown arrogance, throwing as many as they can into the winds of decimation.

The tide has turned. We are waking to those who seek to diminish many for their own glory.

They are few, we are many.

Once again, we are here. Towards the good, the true and the beautiful we stand firm.

Bravo to those brave enough to step first into the arena, where the stone-throwing is at its peak.

Those who, through their courage, remind us what it means to be human.

To be human is to know we live because of our brothers and sisters, and when they suffer, eventually we all suffer.

September 28th 2018

Photo taken September 28th 2018