The trap of parts thinking

The principle of Synergy is that the behaviour of the whole cannot be determined by examining the parts separately.

No amount of examining parts can determine what will happen when we put parts together to create a whole.

In my days working as an executive coach for corporates, the number of times great ideas were handed down from the Ivory tower to the front line, only for the front line to experience the misery of the failure of the great idea to work on the front line, definitely exceeded the number of times these ideas landed with success. 

The thinking from the executive suite was parts thinking. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are parts thinking. Poverty cannot be solved without solving climate, education for girls, and all of the other UN SDGs. To even think this is possible is to remain in the delusion. Nice safe tinkering with the deck chairs of the Titanic.

We want to divide everything. You must feel, I was told, not think, eliminating my superpower. I was never told you must think, feel, intuit and discern. Do it all.

We must raise consciousness if we want to have a better world. Yes. AND, we must act, we must change the systems and structures that underpin everything, and we must learn how to co-ordinate humans.

Value we reduce to parts. Everything comes down to a mono-currency. Rather than going up to the whole comprehensive experience of value, where we name and celebrate all the dimensions of value as a whole.

The trap of parts thinking is a mighty one.

To keep conquered, to keep disempowered, to keep helpless, keep divided. 

When we realise our wholeness, and our part in the greater wholeness, people and the grassroots become powerful. In our wholeness, we access the fullness of our power. Not power over, but power to act and determine our responses to everything.

Photo Taken August 22nd 2023