The truth about freedom 

The truth about freedom is that you can never be 100% free to do whatever you want unless you are dead or live on a desert Island.

Unfettered freedom is the desire of a child’s mind. It lives in context.

As I walk Earth, I am bound by gravity. This makes moving around and cooking dinner easier. I might dislike how the Law of Gravity causes my skin to long for the ground as I age. Yet Gravity is non-negotiable.

If I live anywhere near others, I can choose to do what I like, yet if this affects those around me, I am now imposing on their freedom to choose. 

Regulators, be that the speed limit regulator, my conscience, or government law, are there to prevent rogue behaviour that hurts others. 

Unfettered freedom works towards a win-lose game. The bully gets all the spoils,

I wonder why we have such a deep desire for freedom. A few things spring to mind.

We believe we have no choice in how we respond to events outside of us. The other has us in their vice. When we realise that our ultimate authority is always how we choose to respond to events, our victim stance ends.

And while we want freedom to do whatever we like, we do not want to accept the responsibility that comes with it. The more choice, the more responsibility,

Responsibility is something few people accept with grace. 

Freedom to equal access and equal rights is far from our grasp currently. This is a freedom worth fighting for. Yet freedom to do what-ever-the hell I like no matter the consequences is not freedom. It is anarchy at the cost of others’ similar freedom.

Photo Taken April 16th 2023