The tyranny of expediency

Says we have a scarcity of time, or that we cannot speak to a lie or right a wrong because we are on a schedule, or we have other things to attend to. Or we simply cannot be bothered.

It is a trap of the most significant kind.

To get a world where our political leaders lie multiple times a day, where companies profit from manipulating humans to exploit and extract as a normal practice, we are complicit through our silence.

Little atrocities do not happen when we call them out. 

If we do not call them out they become normalised and we get the world we have. 

Or worse. We get a world where horror is inflicted on those less able to access support, kindness, compassion, and the basics of survival. The very direction we are heading to now.

The tyranny of expediency has us roll over and choose to be accepting of the unacceptable, no matter how minor it seems at the time.

The effort to speak, to stand up for justice, to say no to lies, to act…must be for the long-term world we hope to inhabit.

This is what it means to lead change. To be change. Our voice matters. 

Please speak up. 

July 21st 2019

Photo taken July 21st, 2019