The uncounted investment of caring

The time it takes to write a thoughtful text, rather than a utilitarian one.

To prepare a room for guests, with special touches.

To inquire after a co-workers family, persistently, consistently, because of genuine interest.

To offer a warm drink, food, a hug.

To listen to another because their words are the most important in the world right now.

To create space, cultivate grace…

To birth, to be present to the entirety of motherhood…including loss, miscarriage, and the dismissal of the enormity of giving birth as one of the most heroic acts of humanity.

To parent, with patience, putting aside other aspirations.

To care for those who can no longer care for themselves.

Humanity without caring is not a humanity that I care for.

Our economy devalues one of the most precious of all investments.

I invite a future where caring for each other is revered as the ultimate measure of character, worth, value, integrity and power.


Photo taken April 22nd, 2019