The light in the clouds is a window to another world. A porthole of sorts, where one might imagine a parallel Universe, or our future selves peeking through.

Perhaps our future selves and our ancestors all exist in this very same moment of time with us. Perhaps time is fluid, and not some arrow like trajectory?

If this were so might we be able to access the wisdom of both our ancestors, our future self and our future generations, in the now?

What would they tell us?

Nothing that we do not already know.

Take care of your body…eat moderate amounts of alive, local, uncontaminated food and water..get plenty or rest, play more, spend more time with family and friends. Move your body everyday.

Take care of the Earth. Walk upon it with respect and reverence. Love it.

Take care of your Spirit. Give it quiet time…allow it to explore, play and go on adventures.

Take care of your Soul. Listen to it’s calling.

Treat all others as you wish to be treated.

Take care of your community, your family, the animals…treat them all with dignity and respect.

Give thanks often.

Be generous with love…it is in infinite supply…the more you give the more there is.

Laugh much much more.

We know all of this…so very simple, yet so so hard.