The word for world is forest 

– Ursula K Le Guin.

A forest, infinitely complex. Chaotic yet patterned. Demonstrating cycles, nothing unused. Even death is essential to life.

Creatures at every level, from deep in the dark soil to those who cross the skies. 

Bacteria and mycelia networking, feasting, hibernating, flourishing. 

When the balance is tipped and a colony becomes monopolistic, nature takes the upper hand, and the balance is restored. 

Because monopoly is antithetical to life. Something we humans have yet to learn.

To go to a forest. To sit. Listen. Breathe. Feel. She speaks if we pay attention. 

She speaks of the order of things, of how everything is connected, and how the forest, as a body, influences the larger patterns of weather, heat, and water. 

A forest, if we listen, has more to tell us about coordination and design than we could ever learn from a University. About symbiosis. Symphony. Synergy.

If we want to know the art and science of human coordination, a forest can teach us. Wisdom learned over aeons. 

There is a design science to human coordination and creating ecologies of synergy, where we are better for being together. 

Nature holds the codes. For as long as humans have walked the land, nature has offered us her wisdom. Some of us have listened and learned.

Others of us are slow to heed her offerings.

A forest is a school for enterprise that honours all life, has no waste, provides a home to a diversity of creatures, has an intricate communication network that puts the internet to shame, and sustains the larger world. 

The word for world is forest. Syntropic World was created to learn from Nature, applying her principles to all actions in enterprise design and human coordination. Nature’s design science. 

In so doing, we express the true nature of our nature, never separate, always in communion with life.

Photo Taken May 24th 2023