The world needs this type of role model

I met with a wonderful human yesterday, a rare combination of highly trained special forces military and incredibly evident humanity.

In a world where the bro club of testosterone-fuelled displaced masculinity still rules, I want to see more men like this in positions of leadership and mentorship. 

Just as I want to see more women be able to hold incredibly strong boundaries and yet remain steeped in care and love.

The ability to be disciplined and practice flow are not contradictory. They are complimentary. 

To be strong, yet to know when to yield.

To uphold values and integrity, without apology or exception, knowing that what may seem harsh today to the person you care about, is creating the ground for their better nature to arise – even if that takes twenty years.

When I scan the world of leaders of nations and industries, finding someone who embodies strength, compassion, integrity and vulnerability is almost impossible. Someone who understands, at a core level, the need for genuine safety in a culture that enables women to bring their better selves, able to relax because they know the undertones of predatory behaviour are absent, never given oxygen to exist. 

Men need this type of role model. The world needs this type of role model.

Meeting someone who embodies strength with vulnerability gives me hope during days when my hope has waned. 

Photo Taken April 6th 2024