There is a centre to every storm

Nature humbles us, eventually. It takes our arrogance and throws us to our knees.

We get caught in the storm. A fire. Extreme heat, or cold. A patient or impatient life built can be destroyed in a heartbeat. Ash in our hands.

Better we learn from her early. That we revere her teachings from our beginnings.

That rather than choose dominion, we partner with. 

She rages in beautiful and terrifying ways. And sometimes secretly. A virus. Invisible. Turning the world upside down. Touching even those behind layers of protection.

Not money, not fame, not wealth will protect. Indiscriminate is she in her wrath.

And the artificial constructs of human creation come tumbling down. Economies built to extract to extinction. To colonise. To exploit. Governments who profit those who hold the wealth and power, no longer able to take care of those they are charged to care of most of all. 

This too shall pass. Perhaps, in the wake of this storm, we might find the courage to have conversations about how to construct a world in partnership with nature. One that serves Earth and all her creatures.

At the centre of every storm, there is a peaceful place. A quietude. Rather than panic, in the quietude, we might access wisdom to build a world with a future.

March 10th 2024

Photo taken March 24th, 2017