There is a storm coming

And we know it. 

Literally as a tropical cyclone in my local area, and metaphorically as more and more people caught in the tangles of denial by politicians of climate change, money and corruption in politics, get out from their chairs and name ENOUGH.

The time has passed to be silent, to be sweet, to be sensitive.

We might breathe into the rage of our mother Earth, to the extinction this week of another animal, this time linked completely to humans as the extinction force, to the disgraceful hubris that says the forest needs to be raised, so we can build homes, or rape it for resources.

We are the extinction force.

I turn and gaze at the ocean. At the as yet completely unknown by humans complexity of its ecosystem, the beauty of the whales and dolphins, the reefs. 

I think of the mycelial network, up there with human consciousness, as one of the most advanced communication systems ever created. 

In thinking of these things, I must fall to my knees. Reduced completely in awe.

We are toddlers left alone in the museum of the sacred and precious. And we know not what we are doing.

We will never get to experience a Bramble Cay melomys. This little brown rat-like creature is gone from Earth.

At our hand.

There is a storm coming, and we are all going to pay in a thousand ways.

February 21st 2019


Photo taken February 17th 2019