There is beauty in preparing the soil

The scenario. You have invested time, effort, money and love into an initiative.

One day you discover information you were unaware of that now makes your initiative far less viable.

What do you do? 

Do you soldier on, hoping for the best, when intuitively you sense that this is a foolish choice? The sunk costs are too great.

Do you change course and adapt without losing the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea?

Do you walk away? To continue and adapt would violate the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea?

A principle we teach in the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass is the principle of Synergy. We must start with Universe first – gather the whole system perspective before we begin. This does not guarantee that we will discover everything happening in our field. 

So often we are so excited by an idea that we forget to research, examine the field, understand the terrain, know the players.

There is beauty in preparing the soil, knowing the ground, scanning the horizon, and moving with time rather than bending it to our will.

Photo Taken January 3rd 2016