Think with your whole body

We are suffering from a little whiplash to the intellectual. To thinking. Being in the head.

You have to feel. Feel it. Or…it is not true if it is not felt. I have been told versions of these more than once.

We need both. And in a world of irrational leadership, thinking is a seriously desired commodity. 

Rigour in thinking…deep, whole systems thinking.

United with the heart. Moved by compassion, empathy, caring, beauty, love…

It is not a head-only experience. It is to think with your whole body being.

To think feel united. 

Add to this the intuition of the gut and we are evolving the instrument of discernment. 

Like any instrument, it requires tuning, attention, and care.

Please let us think, feel, intuit with wisdom born from application of all three.

May 7th 2019

Photo taken May 7th, 2019