This day

The early hours.

My favourite time of the day. Awake in the dark, before the dawn light. Often to the sounds of the birds as they begin their day.

Quiet streets. Few about.

Light beginning to streak the sky.

Moving my body – either swimming, running or surfing – all while the light strengthens – a habit now going back decades.

The sun cresting the horizon. 

It is the magic of the light, especially clear in a coastal Australian sky, that is a daily treasure. The sense of calm and infinite possibility as the day begins.

An offering of everything, here at my feet.

What shall I do with this day? This one. That will never come again?

What does the light and life offer me? Which path will I choose? 

Will I be brave? Will I seize the day? Will I let the light of our generous sun fuel the very best expression of me? 

Or will I allow the shadows to diminish me? Those niggly little thoughts that weigh me down as the light seeks to lift me?

Here now, on this day, I get to choose how I write the day. This day. The one that will never come again.

Photo Taken November 9th 2016