This experience of discombobulation is to enter the liminal

Just as the fish doesn’t see water, we miss a multitude of perspectives.

I might look in the mirror and see my face, my whole face, and not see the blemish on my chin. You might look at my face and only see the blemish.

Both are real perspectives. Neither right, nor wrong. To judge right or wrong is to insist on division and righteousness.

Our culture is largely invisible to us. It is the water to us, the fish.

Great art is prismatic. Our experience of it will, like light through a prism, reveal colours and dimensions of the culture that was previously invisible to us.

Left undone by art, a field of questions, sometimes too overwhelming, arise. Our minds scrambled, we hunt for something we trust as real to tether to. If we cannot find an anchor, we are left adrift.

This experience of discombobulation is to enter the liminal. Our once-evident world is now in tatters. 

We are being asked through this transformative time to see water, even against our desire. 

What is your water? To seek with the intention that which we are blind to is to seek our own evolution and integrity.

Photo taken June 23rd, 2020