What is THIS?

Each moment we are faced with choices. Like well trained animals we invariably and reflexively go back to exactly the same choice..again and again and again. The wonder of movies such as Ground Hog Day and The Edge of Tomorrow is this cycle of repeat is highlighted…for all to see. And wonder of wonders, the actors get to awaken to their state of reflex, learn, adjust and go again. Until everything changes.

Truth is we are all living this way….sleep, lived habit, sleep… repeat.

What must stop? What is it that you need to change?

Everything is up for review…your patterns, habits, food intake, exercise, who you hang out with, not speaking up, speaking up too much, what you spend your day thinking about…

It can be as simple as getting more sleep. No longer watching TV. Giving up social media for at least one day a week…or unplugging completely one day a week. Refusing to live in stories that have fed us rubbish for way too long…like…”I need funding to do this,” or “I don’t have all of Mr X’s luck.”

Me….what must stop is a story that I can’t do that…”I am not ‘pick your story…smart/connected/resourced/brave/committed/’ enough to do that.” BS. B..bloody S…Every day, one small action, at minimum, one more step…day in day out…towards what I can do..that is all….some days big actions…and always moving towards…

What must stop? What is it that simply must end in your life? What one thing? Look hard…you know what the answer is to this question…do you have the courage to admit it…act on it? What story/recycle are you no longer willing to tolerate…not another second more?


Photo credit: Creative Commons License Kurt Nordstrom via Compfight