Those who try

To make change for a better future for all, we are going to get it wrong, make mistakes, and fail to think through the consequences.

But they have done one thing you might not have done. 

They have stepped into the arena to give it a go.

How easy is it to ridicule and shame them? To pull them down. 

I have done it to others, and I have been shamed and attacked myself for trying to make change.

Sitting on the sidelines throwing rocks at those in the arena is not sport. For one sweet moment, you might feel the rush of ‘better-than’ for your blistering commentary.

Unless you are in the arena, covered in the sweat of effort, then your criticism is cowardly.

Those who try and fail know what it is to lay it all on the line. It doesn’t make the failure easier, but it does merit acknowledgement of effort applied.

We do not need another critic who fails to act.

Salute those who try. Better still, step bravely into the arena. No step is too small; every step matters.

October 22nd 2019

Photo taken October 22nd, 2019 by Tony