My daughter and my partner are exemplars of thoughtfulness. Being with them makes me a better person. Watching them think about others, think about their environment, consider consequences, and repeatedly act with generosity lifts my ability to do the same. I have to work at it when they do it without effort.

Yet I want to be more like them. Thoughtfulness and consideration model to the world that we live in an abundant Universe, even when it might feel like we do not.

The act of thoughtfulness precedes the creation of kindness.

Contrast thoughtful people to those who are blind to others, things, and acts of thoughtfulness, and I wonder how people, even with great parenting, are so lacking in basic consideration. 

How can people be so completely blind to others, and the effects they have on others? Is their world so self-centred that the only Universe they live in is one of their benefits regardless of others? 

I contemplate this conundrum. Is it simply the stage of development? Is it a lack of interest in being thoughtful? Is it entrained entitlement? Is it because some people live in a dream world, untethered from others? Is it because some people have no idea of their luck and privilege?

Perhaps all of the above. 

When we meet thoughtful people, eyes and hearts wide open, we glimpse our better selves. 

Photo Taken February 10th, 2023