Throwing rocks at the broken system

There have been times when my anger has been jet fuel for positive action.

Where the injustice has been too big for me to sit on the sidelines and watch.

I do not want to be that person who spends their time throwing rocks at the broken system or at the people in the arena doing what they believe is the right path to correct it.

By stepping into the arena, as I have, I then join my fellows in the arena as we get hit by the rock throwers from the sidelines, which is the way of humanity.

This is the price that anyone bold enough to step into the arena pays. We must be able to weather the rocks.

I was not prepared for this. There was such a pure intent behind my actions that I suffered deeply to think anyone would be so cruel to attack. Yet attack they did and it came thick and fast.

I learned many things from this experience. First and foremost, anyone who is truly in the arena, fighting for what they believe is the best for humanity, whether I agree with them or not, deserves my support. They are there. Covered in the mud and dirt of the arena and the scars of the rock throwers.

Secondly, people throwing rocks at you might be an indication that you are on track. Change is hard. It is threatening. People will throw rocks.

Third, build your support team before you get into the arena. Mentors already scarred from the arena. People who will hold you to your best.

And forth, deeply consider the field effect of your actions in the arena. The intention might be true and good, but without considering the field effects you might just be making the situation you are attempting to change, worse.

I am watching my anger rise, knowing that very shortly I will be stepping back into the arena.

May 26th 2018

Photo Taken May 26th 2018


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