Tight circles

When we limit our view, limit our field of information, limit the diversity we are exposed to, we become limited.

It might feel safer this way. We might sense we can make a chaotic world orderly by blocking extra noise, extra knowledge, different perspectives.

We hold tight to what has felt stable. To the security of the known.

We make all others who do not see the way we see, wrong. They become an enemy we can focus on. This prevents us from allowing the full experience of our own denied pain.

Those who live in our tight circle will turn on us with a savagery unexpected when we change our mind, just as we have been savage to those outside our tight circle. Just as we will turn on our tight circle brothers and sisters when we change our minds.

Tight circles fracture. Rigidity and fundamentalism are fragile.

The evolutionary impulse, the same one that insisted that we go from a crawl to a walk, cannot be denied. 

When we seek to control those tight circles we have constructed around us their demise is immanent.

The fracture of the walls, while terrifying, invites the possibility of us expanded.

Perhaps today challenge yourself to find one scary place to expand into to commence the breakdown of your own tight circle.

January 8th 2020

Photo taken January 8th 2020