Time for massive creativity and action. Start here

Here is a way to start.

Gather your friends, co-workers, colleagues on a Zoom call.

Better still, gather your city council. Or your entire organisation.

List all the unmet needs that you are aware of in your community, organisation, home…

Things like..

Honourable work for money or for services/accommodation/food

Safe home delivery

Food production and delivery

Health carers

Volunteers at Charities



Mental Health care

Potential spaces for patients needing medical care

Then list all the unused resources…

People with time

Healthy people

Empty offices

Empty hotels

Skilled people – list the skills

Be as creative as you can. No limits. No right or wrong.

Marrying an unmet need with an unused resource is how to create a complimentary currency.

In 1971, here is how this worked in one city in Brazil. They had an abundance of good public transport and food, plus people out of work. They had a shortage of sorted garbage.

A bus token given for sorted garbage and food applied over a three-year period led to 100 schools trading 200 tons of garbage for 1.9 million notebooks, saving 1,200 trees per day, where 62% of the poorer neighbourhoods exchanged 11,000 tons of garbage for nearly 1 million bus tokens and 1200 tons of food…and eventually 70% of the city where involved, to increase their GDP by 75% more than its parent state, and nearly 3x the countries minimum wage…with zero raised taxes, zero bonds issued, zero loans from the World Bank, government or IMF.

The one thing I know about humans is the power of the collective mind working synergistically towards the highest good for the highest number of people…together there is no problem we cannot solve.

Now is the time. Today is the day. Together we can build a world that works for everyone.

March 20th 2020

Photo taken March 20th, 2020