Time out

Sometimes it all gets too much. Too much noise. Too much pain. Too much news. Too much work. Too much play. Too much division. Too much separation.

Recalibration is the natural order of things. The explosion to the amplified polarity. The breakdown to the constancy of holding. 

Cycles within cycles. Winter to summer. 

Humans need the reset, rest. 

Emotions need to be discharged, the mind unplugged, the body rested. 

Blank pages in a diary. White space. No thing ness. 

A beautiful sunrise witnessed in quiet. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

Sitting under a tree. Listening to the birds.

Running in the dark without a podcast. Just running. The emotions and mind untangling, the inner war running its course. 

Oceans of accumulated sadness, anger, despair, fear…let go with each breath. 

And then into the restored inner cavity of being, beauty can rush in and do her healing. As she always offers.

Time out is not a luxury. It provides the ground for healthy existence.

Photo taken April 19th 2022

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