Time to end the monomyth

It is time to kill off the hero’s journey as the predominant archetypal story of our time.

This includes the female version.

We have been entranced by what Joseph Campbell described as the mono myth for too long.

The lone hero hears a call. They say yes to the call. They cross a threshold, they fight battles and demons, they are required to transform, they receive a boon and then they come home a new person, sharing the gifts of the journey with everyone.

The hero’s journey is the theme behind Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and countless other movie franchises.

There are several elements that are trapped in the story that needs to be composted.

The solo journey. (No such thing)

The fight over good and evil. (How about we transmute evil into good…) Are we ever going to be done with that story?

How about a new story? We hear a call. We invite others to a conversation about the call. Who wants to play? How do we do this in a way that elevates all players and all stakeholders? And gets the evil guys to come along for the ride, and perhaps fall in love with the good? Or at the least keep challenging us to be able to respond elegantly – by nature of their polarisation effect, which we appreciate highly as it is a force of our creation towards a higher order…

Thoughts?? Does anyone want to add their own version?

January 17th 2019

Photo Taken January 17th, 2019