Time to think

Perhaps in our overloaded lives, in the addiction to busy, we have made time to think a luxury.

I have found myself shutting down when I feel a need to think emerging, as if it is an alien. The discipline has been to resist the shutdown and to open instead.

Is this a side effect of squeezing life into a container absent spare time?

Precious time for me is the float time between sleep and waking… In the unconstrained in between, the liminal, threads apart weave together and make a pattern that is coherent.

Time to think is a space carved out with deliberation. To ask a series of questions, and to seep into many possible answers, unedited. 

Once the gates are open and our body/being relaxes into the experience, the downloads of brilliance can be breathtaking.

Notice your own resistance to this time to think..perhaps the questions tugging at your psyche in the dark hours are important, and require your attention.

Life is calling us forward. Creating time to think, to listen to the calling of our Souls, is an act of love.

July 13th 2019

Photo taken July 13th, 2019