To be a part of something great

Make it easy. Reduce it to a sound bite. Don’t use big, strange words.

Yes, do all of these things if you want to appeal to everyone and invite participation with low levels of commitment.

The reason we love Gold medals at the Olympic Games is because it takes those who rise to a level of personal, physical and mental commitment that few of us are willing to commit to.

To be a part of something great and worthwhile requires commitment. 

Every time we cut corners or make the threshold crossing easier, we are sending a signal that our purpose is not so important, the standards we keep do not matter, and the ecology we are creating and maintaining is not such a big deal.

The splendid arc of being human is tested when things are not easy.

Important work for a world with a future requires commitment and the opportunity for the best of us to rise. 

There is a deliberate design behind creating cultures that bring out the individual best within a collective activity.

This is the design behind a Syntropic Enterprise.

Photo Taken September 10th  2023