To be centauric

Is to integrate the rational mind and the emotional and intuitive aspects of self.

Our culture currently favours dominance of the rational mind. The scientific rationalism of measured and dissected experience.

When we do this we eliminate the emotional element, labelling those who speak from emotion as shrill, hysterical, or unstable.

We also dismiss the intuitive aspect of self, the ‘gut’ brain, which has not only our lived experience but also the primordial senses that we do not name. That feeling you get when you meet someone who, for no obvious ‘rational’ reason, makes your skin flinch.

Neurons are found in abundance in both the heart and the gut and not just the brain. 

A centauric person can integrate all three aspects, not giving dominance to or suppressing any one aspect. 

The polar antidote to the scientific rational element of humanities development was the new age movement which highlighted exclusively the emotional aspect. The emphasis was on feelings. How do you feel? The legitimacy of our feelings took overwhelming precedence. In addition, we had to be protected from feeling too much. This has led to political correctness and the rise of ultra-sensitivity. Give every child a medal for being in the race, rather than those who won or came in the top 3/4.

In the future, we will acknowledge that humans have far more than six senses. 

We are complex. We sense, intuit, feel, emote, think..often simultaneously.

To deny any one element as more important, more valued, is to deny the awe-inducing experience of being alive.

As we navigate to centauric, we will be required to find new ways to raise and educate integrated children. We will need to explore new ways to honour the complexity of value. The CEO on 100X base salary paid for their ability to apply the rational mind to the extreme is not more valuable than the nurse caring for those in pain.

These are some of the elements of the inquiry into the creation of Syntropic Enterprises. We do not have the answers, yet we do know how to ask great questions, certain in the knowledge that humanity has the synergistic brilliance to design ways that support all, without cost to any.

*Centauric as a term was coined by Integral Philosopher Ken Wilber.

October 1st 2019

Photo taken September 15th, 2019, by Tony